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Unlocking The Massive Potential Of Your Brain


It is well known that the human mind is an incredibly powerful tool, able to multitask many activities and to perform tasks with the ease and skill of a machine – it if has been properly trained!

The human mind operates on two main levels, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.  The conscious mind is able to focus on the events and ideas which are surrounding it in it’s reality.

The subconscious mind performs many roles, from managing the beating of your heart to storing events and information in your memory that your conscious mind is not even aware of.  On of it’s key functions is storing beliefs (or the inner picture) about the world and how you fit into it.

Right now, many people are just awaking to the possibility that their subsconsious has a significant impact on almost every aspect of their life.  Movies such as “The Secret” and “What The Bleep” have increased awareness of this phenomenon.

It has long been proven that your beliefs or “inner pictures” managed by your subconscious also generate your thoughts and emotions…. which in turn, generate your actions, experiences and results.

Your subconscious is a mental mechanism that is constantly striving to align our inner picture with reality.  The larger the difference between our inner picture and our reality – the harder our subconscious will work to bring them into alignment.  It works automatically, naturally, effortlessly and powerfully.

In the end, life delivers your inner picture, exactly.  And it does this instantly, as soon as it recongizes that a misaligment between your inner picture and your reality exists.

Unfortunately, “what you think you want”, or “what you say you want”, or “what you’re willing to work hard for”, is of no consequence.  Look around.  You’ll find your reality is in perfect accordance with your true inner picture.  This is the dertermining factor in all failure as well as success.  And, if you’re having a problem making any improvement in your life, it’s because the improvement you’re seeking isn’t consistent with your current inner picture.

To change your actions, experiences and results (in other words, to change your life……

you must first change your inner pictures

To make this change, it’s very important to understand that your conscious mind uses reasoning, intellect, experience and emotion to determine whether or not something is allowed to enter, and, change your inner picture.  The subconscious mind however, will accept everything, good or bad, that you say to it as fact.  Getting the informatiion into your subconscious mind, is where the real difficulty lies.

If you have ever used affirmationa you’ll know that they most certainly work.  You’ll also know that they take a lot of energy, focus and determination.  In fact, the amount of energy to make them work is directly proportional to the size of the ‘misalignment’ between your current inner picture and the new one you are trying to implant on your subconscious.

for instance, if you’re earning $1,000 per week and you state an affirmation that you are earning $10,000 per week, your conscious mind will fight very hard NOT to let that into your subconscious mind.  That’s because the misalignment between your inner picture and reality is so large.

If, however, we could bypass your conscious mind and get straight to the subconscious, then the amount of effort required to produce change would be significantly reduced and the results greatly increased.  Your subconscious would immediately begin to bring your inner picture into alignment with your new reality. Your life would begin to change so that it aligns wo your new inner picture, whatever that is.

The secret to significantly reduce the amount of effort to change your inner picture, is to completely bypass the logic and reasoning of the conscious mind and go straight to the subconscious.

Imagine implanting your subconscious with a pciture of your great wealth. Your subconscious instantly recongizes a misalignment between your reality and your inner picture. It immediately goes about resolving the misalignment. All of a sudden, an opportunity appears that you grab and your wealth begins to take a significant leap forward!

So, how can you gain access to your subconscious mind, without passing through your conscious mind?  Subliminal messaging……..

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