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You’ve now built your website, but STILL there have been no sales!  Well, the final step in setting up an affiliate marketing business is that of Traffic Generation, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO Traffic

This is the step that is vital to every affiliate marketer. Building the traffic that comes to your website is important, as these are your potential customers. You will get a lot of ‘browsers’ and a few ‘buyers’.

It is the buyers you are wishing to target in your marketing campaign

a) social media e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, blog, YouTube channel (get your own), forums

This is where you begin building your community of followers. Giving valuable information (the general rule of thumb in social media is 70% valuable information, 20% fun information, 10% sell), answering questions, getting involved in the hungry crowd community you have as your niche market

b) SEO (search engine optimization)
This includes ensuring that your keywords are in the website title, the domain name and the content that you write.

c) PPC (pay per click)

Advertising through Google, Yahoo or Facebook

d) ezine articles
This is a place where you can submit your articles on the topic, they can be picked up by newsletter writers around the world and reproduced (without any changes), so you have the ability to include your website details as a backlink in the bottom of the article

e) becoming an authority website
This takes time to develop, though if you are providing valuable information for free then you become an authority. This can also be developed by answering questions on forums or websites such as quora.com that cover the topic you are promoting.
Sit back and watch the income arrive into your account! That’s the general idea from here!

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