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Mindset – The Power Of Positive Thinking

Mindset – Positive Thinking

The negative experience exists but only you can let go of the negative aspect of it and choose to find a higher more positive thought and feeling.

Surround yourself with good, positive things, and you will draw even more good and positive things toward you.

When you think positive, uplifting thoughts, similar positive thoughts will be attracted to you.

Realising you are nothing but energy, and when you focus on a thought, you literally begin to vibrate at the frequency of that thought. High frequency energy thoughts attract more high frequency energy to them and low frequency energy thoughts attract more of the same.

Positive thoughts will attract a positive life, and conversely negative thoughts will attract unwanted things into your life.

Create a Gratitude diary, where you daily write down 10 things you are grateful for. Initially this may only be positive things, but eventually you will see the world around you differently, and learn to see the positive in all the negative that surrounds you, thus, by changing your energy levels, you change what you see and experience.

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