Cash Queens: The Ultimate Mentors to your Website and Social Media Creation

“ Using the right kind of branding and social media in the right way can be transformative for any business. ”

With these services you will discover:

Graphics, Optimisation

When setting up any page online, it's important to have consistent graphics, and graphics that meet your target audience. We do that for you.

Social Media, Website Pages

Keeping a consistent theme, message and audience across all your media platforms is vital in today's dynamic market.  We do that for you.


Coaching on website editing, social media editing, social media strategic planning, social media posting planning. We keep you on track for 12 months. 

Unlock Your Ideal Target Market

Knowing your ideal target market allows for specific and targeted marketing campaigns, resulting in increased ROI. We guide you to establish your ideal target market


Build 1 Social Media Site

1 Social Media Site Build

  • Establish a social media page
  • Custom graphics
  • Develop strategic audience build plan
  • Training
  • Keyword research
  • Audience customisation

$597 / site

No credit card required.


Social Media Done For You

1 Social Media Site Done for You

  • Social media audit & re-build
  • Social media daily management
  • Answering comments, messages, posting daily (2 x 5)
  • Organic audience building
  • Develop advertising strategy
  • Develop audience building strategy

$297 / month


Build 1 Website

1 Website

  • Website build
  • Membership site build
  • Website audit (if required)
  • Includes 12months website hosting
  • Training on website editing
  • Full website security setup
  • Custom graphics

$997 / website

No credit card required.