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At the Cash Queens Club, our passion is about helping others achieve their dreams, to help them make money to make a difference. 

Sometimes the hardest part of the process of moving forward and changing your current life to manifest your dreams and passions is knowing where to start

That's why we have provided some free webinars here on a variety of topics (do keep returning to this page as we will be regularly updating it with new material as it is developed by ourselves and our partners), including self-development, income generating strategies, lifestyle strategies, internet business strategies and many, many more. 

All of these strategies we have either developed ourselves, or they have been developed in conjunction with trusted partners (so we do receive commission on any future sales) so we know them well, understand them even better and offer them to you as potential sources of support in your journey of development into a person of passion, purpose and fulfilled joy. 

Please feel free to contact us with any feedback you may have on the content supplied here especially for you.

Find below the summary of what you will discover in each free webinar, and links to the free replay of this webinar.

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This free webinar gives you 5 easy to follow steps to allow you to stop living your current life in a dream like state, with no passion, purpose or joy.  It allows you to easily take steps to WAKE UP and Live your life with renewed passion, purpose and joy

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Steven Essa is a close mentor of ours, and we simply love his work!  Yes, the title here does sound insane - but it happens!!  If you are looking for a way to step into using the internet, go to Steve's webinar now and learn more about how webinars are such great selling tools for your online business!

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Feng Shui Children
Discover How To Easily Put Your Child To Sleep, Thanks To Feng Shui - Lauren Mooney

Lifestyle Changes

Lauren Mooney is a close friend of ours and an amazing Feng Shui expert.  She has developed this webinar to provide you with tips to create a Calm, Restful & Harmonious Bedroom.  Now, these tips can be for your child's room, or your own!  A good night's sleep is what every budding entrepeneur needs!!

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options trading
How To Generate A Full Time Monthly Income In Just 30 Minutes a Month - Sean Allison

Income Generating Strategy

Sean Allison is close mentor of ours.  His training on how to utilise options trading to build a monthly income is invaluable.  Learn from Sean 5 easy steps that professional Option Traders use to generate a weekly or monthly income. 

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Please note, if you make any purchases from the webinars, we receive affiliate commissions, which keep this site running, and keep us in coffee! We only ever promote affiliate products that we know, trust and approve of.  The price of any courses offered are not increased because of these commissions.