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Fixed or Growth Mindset

What mindset do you have?  A fixed mindset, or a growth mindset?

Success in your business does effectively relate back to your own mindset.

What you focus on you action, it then grows, and you believe, finally it determines your actions.  And, your actions determine your outcome.

Do you focus on the fixed mindset that is discussed in this video, that e.g., if you win, it’s because you are winner, therefore if you lose, you are a loser? Josh Waitzkin spoke of this concept in his journey to become a world champion chess player and martial arts competitor.  Two highly different activities. Both he excelled at.  It wasn’t because he was a winner. It was because he worked hard.  The growth mindset is about working harder, better and more efficiently.

Your mindset does determine your actions and therefore your outcomes.  This TEDx talk discusses the science behind the two different types of mindset.

What you believe in you achieve.

Make sure your belief is based on growth.

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