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Transforming CONFLICT Into CHANGE
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Do you yearn to create significant change but feel blocked by competing agendas and personality conflicts?

Ecollaborations Partners You To Easily Co-Create Change as an Evolutionary Leader...


In life we each develop an Operating System (a set of habits and behaviours), what I call 'Basic Evolutionary Hardware' that keeps us safe, esteemed and belonging. However, it limits radical co-creativity. Discover how you can live beyond your Personality Limits!


Discover how the psycho-physiology of rightness and righteousness closes down our capacity to communicate, heal and live creatively. I will help you discover how to communicate, heal and live creatively in a co-creation life.


By discovering the neuro-biology of "we", you develop the ability to hold evolutionary, collaborative and co-creative conversations


Imagine moving beyond a culture of debate and bringing together people with different values to sit at the same evolutionary table, to have co-creative collaborative conversations resulting in everyone contributing to the ecological, social health and well-being of all. 

Give Birth To The Evolutionary Leader Within You And Start Shining Your True Light In The World

At this crucial moment in our planet’s history, people from all walks of life are being called upon to become Evolutionary Leaders. Right now we are collectively igniting an evolutionary leap to the next level of human and planetary consciousness.

Do you feel yourself called to be part of this process? If so, this is your invitation to step into who you can truly become and to find and develop your immensely valuable contribution to the world.

Each of us has a unique gift to give. To find and manifest that gift we need the right support and networks to help our ideas and skills to germinate and bloom: Like plants we need the right environment and nutrients to grow.

Evolutionary Leadership has been created to give you that support for you to...

  • ​Become the grounded leader you can be
  • Partner Life's Evolution
  • Overcome the obstacles that always trip you up

Evolutionary Leadership

Those with the best intentions often get burnt out and disillusioned because of power struggles and personality conflicts in the environment and social change movements.

Co create

You know you have leadership potential but perhaps haven’t quite found your particular niche or true calling within the field.

Evolutionary Leadership

The Evolutionary Leadership course with ECOllaborations really addresses the obstacles to change within personalities and groups using practical, proven and deeply grounded methods that you can start applying right away

Who is behind Ecollaborations?

Evolutionary Leadership

Dr Caresse Cranwell

Dr. Caresse Cranwell, Founder and Director of ECOllaborations, draws on 25 years of study including Evolutionary Ecology, Theory U, Eco philosophy, Transpersonal and Emotional Release, Open Heart Meditation, Heart Based Therapy, Systems Theory, Integral Approaches to Personal and Social Change, Personal and Group Immunity to Change, Personality and Emotional Intelligence, Action Inquiry, Voice Dialogue, Natural Presencing, Panpsychism and Jungian Symbolic Dialogue.

You will benefit from all of this study and applied knowledge in the Evolutionary Leadership course presented by Dr Caresse Cranwell including live coaching sessions and guided networking events.

co create


“Caresse’s deep sense of how we are integrated with ecological systems and how they directly nourish our everyday being was transformative.”

Rafaele Joudry, International author and speaker.

“Caresse has a unique ability and philosophy which allows us to stay connected to the joy of our beautiful planet in full integrity while also bringing all our intelligence to the need for urgent social action.”

Arlanda Rayne - Coordinator, BE the change, Brisbane

“Caresse is my first port of call when I'm in need of a facilitator for my personal life or my business. Her profound knowledge, heart, humility and skill are exemplary and I can think of no one I'd trust more to facilitate a rich and insightful journey.”

Darvis Davis - Project Coordinator, Tarkine Coast Walk, Previous Owner Tarkine Trails

“I am gob-smacked with what comes out every time she opens her mouth!”

Roxy Ferguson— Auckland University of Technology

“Most importantly, Caresse loves to laugh! Our team collaboration was pure pleasure and this quality of intention, commitment and humor was passed along to our participants as evidenced in the feedback we received on the evaluations.”

Leslie Hershberger, Womens Institute for Social Transformation, USA


Evolutionary Leadership Hosts Thriving Eco-Entrepreneurs

The Evolutionary Leadership Course Includes.....

Evolutionary Leadership
  • A series of eight 1/2 day interactive workshops
  • BONUS - FREE monthly interactive online coaching sessions
  • Lifetime access to Co-Coaching Community

Co create
  • FREE 12 months email support.
  • Access to a private membership site for unlimited lifetime access to all the workshops
  • BONUS celebratory Ecollaborative Day co-creating CHANGE
Evolutionary Leadership
  • A copy of all the workbooks for each workshop
  • Homework tasks
  • Unlimited access to all updated versions of the workshops as they occur
  • Unlimited access to audio files of the workshops!
Co create

Yesterday I was SMART and wanted to CHANGE the world, Today, I'm WISE and have realised that CHANGE begins with ME, becoming an EVOLUTIONARY LEADER co-creating CHANGE

A Short Overview Of Your Learnings In Each Workshop.......

Aim: To empower an evolutionary partnership with life and to catalyze evolutionary projects

  • Workshop 1: Cultivating the Ecological Self
    To deepen our sense and capacity to operate as an Ecological Self. This means shifting our sense that ecology is something outside of our selves. It is to get, in our experience, that We Are Ecology, a self who exists within a larger Self – the inter-connected ground of being— intimately partnered and partnering life in our co-evolution.

    Series: Sat 18 Mar
  • Workshop 2: Evolutionary Partnership
    Explore the conversation that life is holding with us. Deepen your capacity to be in this dialogue. Explore Nature dialogues. Let go of the conversations that are not serving you in your personal and our collective evolution. Experience how the ‘enemy’ is the evolutionary ally and change your relationship to those others who deeply challenge your worldviews and values. Start to explore the Project that life is inviting you to activate or expand.

    Series: Sat 8 Apr
  • Workshop 3: The Ecological Ego - Beyond the Evolutionary Hardware
    Explore our Evolutionary Hardware, the operating system of the Self that actively works against evolution. We look at the neurophysiology of Identity, explore the ecosystem of the Self, putting the Ego in service to our own and our collective evolution. Cultivate an ability to operate beyond habits of mind and being, to be able to move from ‘knowing to nowing’.

    Series: Sat 20 May
  • Workshop 4: Opening Heart For The Earth
    Shift from mind-dominated ways of inter-being to the heart-centre. Practice Open Heart Meditation to cleanse negative energy and cultivate a practice of forgiveness. Explore the field of inter-being as a Field of Love, and what it is like to live from this place. Explore the evolutionary story of life as an invitation to embrace ego-death rather than acting out death in the field of our relationships.

    Series: Sat 17 Jun
  • Workshop 5: Collaborative Conversations - Actualizing Co-creation
    Explore the neurophysiology of co-creative conversation. Our evolutionary hardware wires us for ineffective exchanges. Work on developing Conversational IQ and how to have collaborative conversations. Explore Evolutionary Circle conversations that have groups of people, who hold different values, being able to converse across their differences without conflict and debate.

    Series: Sat 15 Jul
  • Workshop 6: Emerging Into Co-Creation
    Emerging into Co-Creation; establishing and managing systems and networks; developing levels of value and perceptual capacities; establishing co-creative and evolutionary conversations; experiencing the communion of inter-being

    Series: Sat 19 Aug
  • Workshop 7: Emergent ECOllaboration 
    In the spirit of ECOllaboration the content of this module will emerge from our Collective Evolutionary Journey

    Series: Sat 16 Sep
  • Workshop 8: Nature Solo and Project
    A 1 day Nature Solo to deepen our dialogue with nature and be guided in our Project. Putting the project into action. Two coaching sessions will be held online during this time to receive support in realizing our project goals.

    Series: Sat 30 Sep
  • Workshop 9: Celebration and Project Presentations - FREE ECOLLABORATIVE DAY
    Groups come together for a day of Presenting Projects, inspiring one another with our achievements and Celebrating our Journey.
    Series: Sat 18 Nov

What You Get With Your Evolutionary Leadership Workshops

  • 8 monthly immersion workshops
  • 8 monthly online co-coaching sessions
  • Homework tasks to complete
  • Workbooks for every workshop
  • Lifetime access to membership site
  • Lifetime access to video training of each workshop
  • Lifetime access to co-coaching community
  • Audio files of each workshop & training call
  • 12 months email support
  • BONUS: Celebratory Ecollaboration Co-Creation Projects

Pricing Structure

Normal Full Price Payment   $3,473

Consists of:

8 workshops @ $97 each, total $776

Co-coaching sessions, 12 months email support​ $2,500

BONUS: Celebratory Ecollaborations Co-Creation Projects $197​

BONUS: Lifetime Access To All Training Materials​

Special Early Bird Price $376

Special Internet Price: $776

OR: Payment Plan $97/month


LOCATION: Harmony Body & Mind Healing Centre, Nerang, Gold Coast

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Join us on a journey of co-collaboration to co-create CHANGE in our world through Evolutionary Leadership.  We know the value of the program and the impact it will allow you to co-create.  As such, we are happy to offer a no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee.  If after your first workshop experience, you do not wish to continue, you will be fully refunded all your monies, while you can keep your documentation from the first workshop.  Dr Caresse Cranwell, Ecollaborations.