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Workshop dates are outlined below.

Full Payment $776

Subscription, 8 payments of $97 per month

Workshop 1

Date:  Sat 18 Feb or
Sat 18 Mar            

Deepening our sense and capacity to operate as an Ecological Self. 

Workshop 3

Date:  Sat 8 May or
Sat 20 May

Exploring our Evolutionary Hardware, the operating system of the Self that actively works against evolution.

Workshop 5

Date:  Sat 17 Jun or
Sat 15 Jul

Exploring the neurophysiology of co-creative conversation.

Workshop 7

Date: Sat 19 Aug or
Sat 16 Sep

Emergent ECOllaboration.

Workshop 2

Date: Sat 18 Mar or
Sat 8 Apr

Exploring the conversation that life is holding with us. 

Workshop 4

Date: Sat 20 May or
Sat 17 Jun

Shifting from mind-dominated ways of inter-being to the heart-centre.

Workshop 6

Date: Sat 15 Jul or
Sat 19 Aug

Emerging into Co-Creation

Workshop 8

Date: Sat 16 Sep or
Sat 7 Oct

Collective Evolutionary Journey

Full Payment $776

Subscription, 8 payments of $97 per month