Welcome To Evolutionary Leadership Workshops!

Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming an Evolutionary Leader.  Check out the Workshop details below and we look forward to welcoming you at the workshops.

Location: Harmony Body & Mind Healing Centre, Nerang
14 Billabirra Cres, Nerang
Date: Saturday 18 March 2017
    Time: 10am                                    
    Duration: 5 hours                         

8 Workshops that will enable you to harness the power of Collaborative Co-Creation to become an Evolutionary Leader 
Workshop 1

Date: Sat 18 Feb  or
Sat 18 Mar            

Deepening our sense and capacity to operate as an Ecological Self. 

Workshop 3

Date: Sat 8 Apr or
Sat 20 May

Exploring our Evolutionary Hardware, the operating system of the Self that actively works against evolution.

Workshop 5

Date: Sat 17 Jun or
Sat 15 Jul

Exploring the neurophysiology of co-creative conversation.

Workshop 7

Date: Sat 19 Aug or
Sat 16 Sep

Emergent ECOllaboration.

Workshop 2

Date: Sat 18 Mar or
Sat 8 Apr

Exploring the conversation that life is holding with us. 

Workshop 4

Date: Sat 20 May or
Sat 17 Jun

Shifting from mind-dominated ways of inter-being to the heart-centre.

Workshop 6

Date: Sat 15 Jul or
Sat 19 Aug

Emerging into Co-Creation

Workshop 8

Date: Sat 16 Sep or
Sat 7 Oct

Collective Evolutionary Journey

Evolutionary Leadership

Groups come together for a day of Presenting Projects, inspiring one another with our achievements and Celebrating our Journey.