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Demand Soars For Urgency Tips

Did the headline make you wonder what was selling so quickly? Why is the demand soaring for these particular tips?  What makes them so important that demand is soaring?

Isn’t it interesting how words can play on your emotions?  This is the skill of the copywriter, to create a connection to you through emotions. To ensure you are emotionally involved in the problem, the pain and the potential solution to the problem.   Then to add the sense of urgency.

Remember we spoke previously about creating a sense of urgency in your copywriting in order to create the feeling in your buyer that they MUST HAVE your product, RIGHT NOW?

This is one of the secrets to creating that sense of urgency.  Our mentor, Pete Godfrey, explained it to us recently and we are now sharing this with you.

A sense of urgency must come at the start of your copy, it begins by setting an emotional response in the buyer, there is a demand for the product already. That instils the instinctive response, ‘well if my neighbour has it, then I should too’.

Are there other titles that will put this emotional response into play?

Yes, of course there are, or you’d be reading the same copy day in day out on the internet.  Then the repetition factor steps in and you don’t see the writing at all.  As a copywriter, you need to stand out from the crowd, and let’s be honest, it’s crowded in the internet world!  Here are some other examples:

  • Fast acting
  • Clinical trials
  • Sales skyrocketing
  • ……… line up (add your category of buyers before this, e.g., dieters, personal trainers)
  • Sales are booming for……..

Does this start your mind thinking on how to create urgency or a sense of missing out?   Remember, you are creating urgency, in a unique way, so merely copying these will get you some interest, making it more unique to you and your product allows you to stand out from the crowd too.

One of the tips given to us was to make sure that you don’t leave the sense of urgency until the end.

Often the tips of writing good sales letter copy is to give all the benefits and connection in the first few pages of information, then place the urgency to purchase towards the end, where the click to buy buttons are.  However, Pete Godfrey’s advice is not immediately the same as this.

Want to know Pete’s advice?

It’s to place the sense of urgency at the start of your letter, page or promotion.

Create a pre-header above your headline.  This allows the reader to see the sense of urgency at the start – did the title of this blog create a sense of urgency in reading what it contained? This is the idea, to create that sense of urgency from the beginning. It sets the stage in which you are writing.

The sense of urgency also comes from a few other factors in your writing. This can be on your landing page or in your emails.

Another one of these factors is curiosity.

Creating curiosity increases the sense of urgency to own your product.  It’s considered to be quite powerful and induces the desire to own the product.

Humans are a curious lot, look at some of our regular sayings that are part of our language, e.g., “curiosity killed the cat”, and the famous line back, “satisfaction brought it back”!

This shows you that creating curiosity is a powerful tool.  How many times have you had your curiosity tickled, and you’ve gone on to read more, investigate more and ultimately to buy more?

Remember, your audience is your tribe, you must speak to them in a way that connects. Creating curiosity increases that connection.  When something is hidden from us, we demand closure.  We need to know, and this is where the urgency is created.

Pete Godfrey’s tips on how to create that curiosity include:

  • Use blind bullets
  • Create open loops
  • Write the “and no it’s not” click
  • Detail secrets

Blind bullets are where you can tease your audience sincerely, e.g., the four critical steps to…… (insert your solution) that guarantees …… (insert your result), p 7 reveals all.

As you can see, there is a teaser here, you can find out how to get this solution, and it’s guaranteed, and it’s all written about on page 7 – the audience is drawn into the solution, and the promise, they just now need to buy the book to find the answer.

Open loops are where you promise to reveal all the secrets, then jump to another story, e.g., use the words, “but I’m getting ahead of myself, first let me tell you about”. Obviously you must remember to close the loop later on in the copy, do reveal the secret, or you lose the confidence of your audience.

“And no it’s not” click, is where you make a bold statement, then in brackets you reveal that It’s not what your audience are thinking.  Example: I will reveal the foolproof way to build a mega opt-in list (and no, it’s not an opt-in box)

Secrets, are about tapping into your audience’s desire to know the latest gossip.  Take a look around your friends when you’re discussing something that they don’t know about, they are all interested  right?  Well, this is tapping into the human desire to gossip (and no, it’s not about malicious gossip), we all have that need to know inbuilt in us.

This is the secret to tapping into secrets.  You can use terms such as “secret confessions of…..” or “learning the secrets to…..”, “secrets they don’t want you to know”. Again, use your imagination to create the curiosity and the desire to know more and then to have more!

Find out more about Pete’s secrets here. Remember to find out more secrets for your business, keep coming back to us weekly!

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