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Creating a Simple Website

Build A Simple Website

That Encourages Customers To Buy


Now that you have established a niche, and found a product, you can build a website to go with this.

There are simple to use website builders on the market that will allow you to quickly and easily build a website, e.g., bigpixie.com, or www.wix.com or via a blog, www.wordpress.org.  By using wordpress.org, you will need a webhost.  Some webhosting examples, are, www.bluehost.com, www.hostgator.com

What to have on your website?
The old saying of Keep It Simple applies well here. All the whistles and bells will not sell the product to your target audience, content and marketing will sell the product to the target audience.

The best is black script on a white background. The marketing script is better if you understand that you are selling a result, and not a product. The product is merely the stepping stone to the result. Ensure you apply emotion as well.

For example: selling a weight loss product
a) want to lose weight by Christmas?
b) lost weight easily for Christmas!

The first example implies effort, and work, the second example implies a result.

This is how you put your audience’s needs first, answering their requirements, answering why they’re the hungry crowd

Must haves:
The button containing your affiliate link – very important

Have an opt-in area for your audience to sign up to your newsletter. Generally place this at the top left or top right of the screen. This gives you emails for your list, enabling you to send through follow up emails and later promotions.

Regular updated material, e.g., articles and blogs (increases your search engine optimization)

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