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Chasing Rainbows and Unicorns

We see a lot of worry and desperation online these days.

It’s often in the form of buying courses or gimmicks, for quick rich schemes or quick fix options.  You know what we’re talking about, someone clicks on a link because they have to have THE THING now!  That BRIGHT and SHINY object just has to be owned by them, RIGHT NOW!  We’ve all fallen into the trap at least once, check out your bookshelves!

Do you want to know how this feeling is created in you? This NEED to have THE THING right now?

It’s called copywriting.

Why does it work so well?

Before we tell you some copywriting secrets, let us tell you a secret of our own.

We have many mentors in different fields, because we know there is no sure fire thing that is going to make money right now, that no one system or technique is the magic pill.  We’re sure you’ve felt that too, that’s why you’re here, learning as much as you can, just the way we have been doing it!

Here at the Cash Queens, we have been following, and quietly mentored, by The Wizard of Words, also known as Pete Godfrey.  Now, what we like the most about Pete and what he says and does, is he’s honest! He literally says it as he feels it. You have to love that in a sales man – in Pete’s words, “it’s a beautiful thing”.

But don’t be fooled, there is a definite technique behind all of his copy, and we wanted to share some of the tidbits that we learnt from him at his recent seminar.  These pieces of information are set to get you sales from your customers, by simple changes to your copy (or your thoughts) on your landing page, or in your emails.

Are you ready for some copywriting insights?

Let’s go……….

  • Be strategic and sincere
  • Ask yourself, what are you really selling?
  • Ask yourself, why are your customers really buying?
  • Always give good value, give until it hurts
  • Always describe the benefits of your product
  • Make your words active rather than passive
  • Describe the problem your product will solve, stir the problem a little to generate emotion, then solve the problem
  • Flip your thinking from product to prospect – it’s not about what you’re selling, it’s about who is buying
  • Create urgency
  • Create curiosity

Do you want to know how these relate to actual copywriting words?  Then read on…..

When you are selling, you are selling more than a product. You are selling a solution to a problem, a problem that has been generating an emotional response in your buyer.  This is what you must tap into when you are writing copy for your landing page, your emails or your advertising.  Along with that you must also create curiosity and urgency to ensure the sale.

Let me give you an example:

You have a weight loss product you wish to sell.

First question you must ask yourself is: what are you really selling here?

A weight loss product? Or a result?  What is that result?

One of the best ways to find out what you are really selling is to talk to your prospective market.  Ask your friends who may be experiencing this problem, what is it that losing weight will make better for them?

You may be surprised at some of the responses, they can range from feeling more confident, wanting to look better in a bikini, wanting to be able to keep the lights on in the bedroom, getting a better job, wowing old school friends at a school reunion.  I’m sure the list can keep growing, but you’re now starting to get the picture.  It’s not the weight loss magic pill you’re selling, it’s the result and the emotions that come from that result.

Okay, so now you know what you are really selling, what the problem is that you are going to solve with your product. So, do you now talk about the details of the product, or sell the benefits?

ANSWER: sell the benefits!

You are now beginning to see that there is a strategy to how you write to your buyers. You have now flipped your thinking from product to prospect.  Always ensure you are writing with them in mind. What is it that they are really buying.  This creates the emotional connection. Remember to always do it with sincerity. Imagine you’re speaking to a loved one and from your heart.  Being honest and sincere is vital in marketing your product.  We all have inbuilt bulls**t meters today and can tell insincerity from a long way off.

Remember to always base your business on “connection, trust, value, relationship and a clearly
defined point of difference in the marketplace” – Pete Godfrey

Follow us for more tips on business.  In our next blog, we will look deeper into creating urgency in your copywriting.  To find out more about Pete Godfrey, click here

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