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Affiliate Marketing – Products

Finding A Product To Sell


Once a niche has been found, then you need to find the products. There are different websites available on the internet that will link you to producers of product, thus creating an affiliate account. You can do this personally too, by finding products you like, and approaching the producer to discuss affiliate strategies, or finding their affiliate program on their website.

One commercial website we like is Clickbank. It is a reputable website that acts as a go between for product producers and affiliates. This site will also handle all the money transactions, and it is Clickbank that pays your income, not the producer of the products.

www.clickbank.com to sign up as an affiliate and choose the products.

Tips for choosing a product include:
a) Ensure it’s relevant to your market.

Usually the best way to do this is to actually purchase the product yourself. This will also allow you to test drive it, and write about the pros and cons of using the product with authority
b) Ensure the product fits your niche precisely, ‘niche it down’ to a sub-category
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