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7 steps to a Sassy Queens Mindset

Have you noticed how your mind can make or break you and how often people can get caught up in their own thoughts and end up in a downward spiral.

When this happens, it is really important to talk to other people, the dog, the cat and call someone, even if it is an online help group.

If you are struggling don’t try and battle through on your own. If you are feeling depressed, it can become bigger than you, we always make a mountain out of a molehill, so make sure you go and see your doctor straight away and ask for help.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner or close friends and ask them for help. Its a sign of strength to ask and once you say how you feel, change is already on the way.

With the right help you begin to feel better and feel confident that you are able to cope with your issues and start living the life you deserve.

If something is bothering you or affected you in some way, don’t just dismiss it. Go and see a Counsellor for help.

Here are our Seven Steps to help you keep your Sassy Queen Mindset

  1. What you give out is what you get back. 

If you are one of those people who constantly moan, looking at everyone else thinking how bad you have it and how good they have it, nothing will change.

Once you realise that your attitude and your mindset are causing 90% of the dramas in your life, your life changes.

Give out great things to the world and you will get back great things.


2. Be grateful for five things every day(morning and night).

Keep a gratitude diary and write down what you are grateful for that day.

It can be as small as having a coffee, someone calling you up out of the blue with good news, having food on the table, a successful day at work, walking that extra kilometre, eating a salad.

Write down one from each of these categories: personal, business, family, health, wealth or pick another category.                                                 Gratitude Journal1

Make a conscious effort to be mindful of this, and not only think about the good things but also the mistakes and what you learned form them.

3. Give and you shall receive.                                                                                            

Zig Ziglar said “You can have anything you want in this world as long as you help others get what they want”. 

If you think about it, it is the Law of Reciprocity

Be a reflection


4. Strive to be positive. 

It is not always realistic to be positive all the time, sometimes life happens and it takes effort to turn it around from a bad situation.

The worse thing we can do is get caught up in another persons problems and get taken down into their drama.

It feels like the life is being sucked out of you.

Take a moment, get that negative thought, screw it up and throw it away and fill the space with a picture of your happy family, a holiday you loved, something funny that happened.if-you-have-a-positive-attitude-and-constantly-strive-to-give-your-best-effort-attitude-quote

5. Focus on the NOW

If you focus on the past or the future, you are missing out on NOW! you aren’t enjoying life and the wonder of things. Instead you are worrying on what you coulda/shoulda done or what might occur in the future. Both of these things are out of your control and you are creating more stress and anxiety in your life.                                                                                                    We can always learn from the past but we shouldn’t live in it, we take those lessons and move forward. We can also plan for the future – it is good to take that future event and visualise it with the outcome we desire or something better, look at the worse that can happen and plan for it and let it go – it may never happen, but you have planned and visualised the best outcome.


6. Seek Positive Influences

Seeking positive influences and surrounding yourself with positive people is paramount to creating a great mindset. Remember:


So, associate with as many positive people as you can. Hanging around with negative people will only bring you down, discourage you and stop you from improving your life.

7. Share the LOVE

Generally we hear more from people who want to complain about things. My husband and I like saying things like ‘ you look great in that’, ‘you look beautiful today’, ‘that was a fantastic meal’, ‘thanks for doing that for me’.

It doesn’t take much to say nice things to people. We walk around the shops and my husband always compliments strangers, some people ignore him, others smile and say thanks, others stop for a chat. One person we met, saw us a couple of weeks later and told me how just by saying how beautiful she looked that day saved her life – she was feeling so depressed she was thinking of killing herself and the heartfelt words really changed how she was thinking.

So you never know what impact your words have on others or yourself!

A little kindness

We are always learning and being exposed to new ideas, new technology, new resources. Science is changing old rules and beliefs as they learn more about how we operate as humans, how the world operates and even how the universe we live in operates.

As humans we have a brain that has evolved to think, feel, experience, share, investigate, question and so  much more. We each have our own way to interpret what we experience and how that affects our life – we can choose to make it something that damages us for life or as an experience that taught us how to survive with humility and equanimity. We can stay stuck in the hell of our own making or make our own life – living the life of our dreams.

What is your choice?

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