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7.1 Steps to Create Multiple Streams of Income

Creating Multiple Streams of Income

In the video there are 7.1 steps to creating other streams of income.

The wealthy become wealthy because they don’t focus all their attention on one stream of income. Look around at the different entrepreneurs in the world, e.g., Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Howard Hughes and many more.  Of these entrepreneurs, they started at step 1 in the video, establishing financial security.  From there, once this is established, the focus became other streams of income.  Whether that is from building further businesses, investments (stock market, property, bonds, or all), network marketing or branching out into different business fields, they all have acquired incomes from more than one source.

Having incomes from more than one source is also a way of safeguarding your income.  If, for example, the property market dips or dives, then other sources of income will make up the shortfall while recovery occurs in that area.  The same for any fall in income from one area, the other sources will cover that loss or shortfall while recovery occurs.



The remainder of the steps in the video highlight the steps we mentor you to do when establishing a new venture in the internet market.  Learning these steps, and following them using the tools mentioned, will assist you in beginning an online business.


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